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Hi, and Welcome to Shaping Abode!

Hi, Lovely to meet you! I'm Vanessa, the face behind Shaping Abode.

Being this my first blog, it will be dedicated to tell you more about myself.

Originally from Mexico, I'm an interior designer living in Chicago. I'm married to Mr. Alday, a business owner. I'm mother to Renato, my four-year old boy. He is pretty smart boy; his teacher tells me he is always the leader in his classroom, which makes mommy pretty proud. We are blessed to have him in our lives, he is our everything. Lately; he's been asking for a little brother, but oh god! we'll see about that. Please meet my little family of three.

I'm a summer person and ocean enthusiast. I get so excited about summer, specially since living in the Windy City; which is cold for most time. I enjoy doing all kind of outdoor activities; which I tried to do as much as possible while weather permits. I love summer nights in my backyard at the end of the day. Feels good to seat and relax, put the fire pit on and enjoy a glass of wine.

One of my goals this year was to launch this project, which I've have been working on for quite some time. There were a lot of long days and nights working on ideas and thoughts while mom'ing and keeping a home holding up together. A little exhausting!

I also have an instagram lifestyle account @vane_guido if you want to know more about me. In this account, I share what I do in my personal life as a mom, what I eat, what I wear and how I keep balance in my life with family, work and a home.

This week marked a new beginning as I launched my new blog Shaping Abode, a Home Inspiration blog and social media channels. If you are already following- thank you! If not, please follow along.

My purpose in my platforms is to bring home inspiration with an attainable approach. This home inspiration, includes home renovation ideas, DIY projects, home decor, organizing tips and ideas. And overall concepts that work in your home and will make it an organized and functional space.

I want to help you style your home and bring new life to your Abode. Please follow me on my social media channels for more ideas and tips.

I hope you enjoy this mini blog and thanks for following along!

See you soon,




Hi, thanks for stopping by!

Lovely to meet you, I’m Vanessa Guido.

I’m an interior designer, and most recent, a lifestyle blogger at Shaping Abode.


Welcome to my new blog and social media channels Shaping Abode.

I am extremely excited connecting with you in this new journey!

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