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Keeping TOYS organized

If you are a mom of a little one, you are probably still dealing with toys all over the house. Having a clean up routine helps a lot to get your kids into a good habit of putting away their toys once they are done playing.

But how to organize & maintain toys nicely organized & easy to find?

At the beginning, my little didn't have many toys, so I figured a cute basket would do the job. I was using a huge basket to store all toys there. This method was practical to put away, but not to find a specific toy when he needed it. As he grew, his toys collection was becoming bigger and bigger every time. I noticed the basket system wasn't working anymore. It wasn't a functional method anymore and we needed it additional storage space.

That's when I decided to look for something functional & practical. I wanted something kid friendly, as I wanted my kid to be able to grab his toys & put them away by himself.

I found the IKEA Eket cabinet. This is a cute cabinet and it is great for storing and organizing almost anything in an open concept. You can make different combinations putting multiple units together. It can be installed on the floor by using legs or wall mounted. This product comes in four different colors; dark gray, light gray, white and white oak stained effect.

I decided to use two of the large units in the white oak stain effect and placed them together on the floor. Each unit is divided into 4 compartments. Also, I used 4 of the Risatorp wire baskets to sort toys by kind. These baskets are big enough to store a decent amount of toys and display them in this open concept unit. They also come in different colors. I used the white baskets, which make a great contrast against the white oak stained effect units.

This is a very practical method for my kid, as he easily grabs and puts away the toys he wants. I cannot recommend enough the Eket unit as is very practical and it can be used for many purposes in almost any area.

Thank you for reading along,

Have an amazing week!

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