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Make your entryway outstanding!

Having a console table in your entry not only is a practical way to help you organize your on the go accessories, but it also serves to give your visitors a welcoming feel. As this is the first space, they step in as soon as they come into your house. Either if is your main entry, a large foyer area or a mudroom, you can set a console table to make that space special.

A console table serves to keep important items and accessories that you need at all times. For example, sunglasses, keys, cell phones, remotes, purses, umbrellas, pens, notepads, scarfs, hats, and now masks and sanitizer. Not, that you want to display all of these on top of your console, but you can keep these organized into bins or baskets within the console drawers.

Console tables come in different styles, some have drawers or compartments. If your console has drawers, use small organizers to store and organize all your smaller items on the go. You can also use small trays on top of your console to keep items such as keys, or cell phones. They will look great without looking out of the place. If no, drawers. No worries! You can use larger baskets and place these under the console. These larger baskets will look great under the console. Larger baskets serve to keep larger items such as umbrellas, hats, pillows or throws.

How to accessorize your console? It is always great to include a table lamp as it will help you illuminate and find items when dark.

Use a mirror behind the console, we all like to take a quick last look at the mirror before leaving the house to either fix your hair or putting some quick lipgloss. If you don't want a mirror, you can hang some art pictures instead. Use your favorite!

Use a medium-large size vase with or without plants. This is a great item to decorate your console. Fresh flowers always make your house look and smell beautiful! And it will help your console to stand out as well.

Use books, candles and your favorite small decor. Layout a couple of your favorite books on top of your console and place a tray on top of the books. This is such a pretty way to display books and decor together.

Happy Console Styling!

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